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Motorized Shades

Blackout Shades

With over 20 years experience in building and installing motorized shade systems, Atrium has accumulated a broad and solid base of knowledge in the field of motorization and automation.

We are a stocking distributor of Somfy motors and controls. Please contact us for consultation on your shade motorization project.

Additional information about Somfy motors may be seen on their website:


Shade motor types:

  1. Standard hard-wired: Controlled by wall switch or relay. Standard 120 VAC that requires a four conductor home run from each motor to switch or relay location. Cannot be parallel wired or “daisy chained”
  2. RTS (radio transmission Somfy) : Each motor has a built in radio receiver which responds to signals from hand-held remotes, wireless wall switches, timers, sensors, Z wave units or computer control via interface boards such as RS232. Powered by either 120 VAC or 24VDC.
  3. Battery drive motors: Controlled by either an IR remote or by radio (radio motors having the same options for control as the RTS motors listed above). Powered by 12V lithium cell battery wands which last 1 to 2 years with everyday use. Maximum size shade these motors are able to lift is approximately 8’ x 8’.