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Privacy Shades

Blackout Shades

The classic roller shade, privacy shades are made of translucent , closed-weave fabrics that prevents any direct visibility through the shade. Since light is transmitted through the fabric, privacy shades do not prevent silhouettes from bright backlighting within the room.

Use privacy shades in living areas for nighttime privacy, and for diffused, natural lighting plus privacy during the day.

Privacy shades are very useful for combining with drapery treatments or as a second shade to backup and increase the utility of mesh sunshades or grasscloth shades.

Solartrans: 8 subtle earth tone colors, Fire resistant (F.R.) 72” width

Bainbridge: 10 subtle tones, not F.R., 78” width

Northern Lights: 7 subtle textures and prints, not F.R., 78” width

Fabric Choices