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Blackout Shades

Sunshades are roller shades that are made of fabrics that allow for outward visibility while at the same time reducing incoming light, heat, glare and destructive UV rays. Most sunshades are a PVC mesh that is woven with a certain small percentage of its overall area left as airspace – this airspace is the openness factor. Openness factors of 1%, 3%, 5%, and 10% are the most prevalent in use today, with the clarity of the view increasing and the effective shading decreasing as the openness factor goes up.

The openness factor, the color of the shade and the resulting shading coefficient are all important parameters to consider when choosing a sunshade fabric . Please click here for a chart that compares these characteristics and their effects.

The greater part of our sunshades are in the high quality, domestically woven Sheerweave, by the Phifer Wire Company. Our stock Sheerweave lines include: SW4000, 4100, 4400, 4500, 4800, 5000. Many of the Sheerweave fabrics are low emission, Greenguard certified and contain Microban antimicrobial protection. Please visit for more information about Sheerweave.

Our new Soltis 99 fabric has a 3% openness and a metallic coating on the back to reflect sun and heat. It is ideal for office situations to effectively manage both glare and heat gain.

Our Linveil fabric is a unique and elegant blend of vinyl, polyester and flax yarns for a softer more subtle and non commercial look.

In response to the recent interest in “green” fabrics, Atrium offers several attractive, non off-gassing fabrics such as Ecovision 3000 and our own Scanvision.

Also “green” and non vinyl are the charming grasscloth view fabrics. They are an odorless, woven cellulose which emulates hand made grass shades at a fraction of the cost.

Finally, we fabricate mylar roller shades, which offer glare and heat reduction while maintaining a near perfect view.

All fabrics are Greenguard certified.

For ease and dependability of operation, most of our sunshades are outfitted with chain driven Rollease clutches (please see, but we also have available cordless spring action shades and motorized shades.

For a finished and sophisticated look, we recommend that sunshades have valances.

Fabric Choices