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Blackout Shades

Valances cover the shade roll and bracketry, and help block light spillage at the top of the shade. A shade installation with valances is an upgrade in sophistication and finish. Atrium Shade has a full line of valance options to fit your personal taste and functional needs. (Description of gallery photos below. Numbered left to right and top to bottom.)

1., 2., & 3. Inside mount valance: a soft, fabric valance for inside jamb mount. Standard drop is 4" but can be custom sized. Usually matches the shade fabric but can be any stock fabric or COM:(customer's own material)

4. Outside mount valance: a board-mount, soft valance with returns (end panels) for wall or door mount shades. Standard size is 3 ½" depth x 4 ½" drop but can be custom- sized. Fabric selection as above.

5. Inside/Outside valance: Constructed like the outside mount valance and sized to fit inside a window jamb but projecting out enough to allow for mounting a shade. Used where a window jamb is not deep enough to accommodate a shade or where two shades are desired in the same window.

6. Fascia panel: enameled aluminum fascia that covers the shade roll on the front and underside surface for a very clean appearance. Available in white, vanilla, bronze, black and clear anodized with drops of 3", 3 ½" and 4".

7. Insert valance: This valance has clear runners and top and bottom to accept a strip of shade fabric. This results in a very clean, coordinated appearance. The drop is 3 ½" and it is available in both an inside and outside mount version.

8. Atrium hood/recess box: Enameled aluminum with screw-on end caps and bottom cover, it is sized at 4 ¼" depth x 4 ½" drop. Atrium universal shade box be used as recessable pocket extrusion, inside window jamb mount for light control, or as a ceiling or wall mount shade enclosure. Stock colors are white, beige, bronze, black and clear anodized.

9. Atrium Swingline hood: A slimmer shade box at 3" square, it is used primarily for face mounts on swing doors. It is 3" square and is available in the same colors as the Atrium hood (above).